Pet Health

PictureYour pets are members of your family. When they are not feeling their best, the entire family is affected. Maintaining your pets' good health and well-being is our primary goal at the Animal Hospital of Chester County By providing excellent service, practicing excellent medicine, and maintaining excellent communication, we believe that we can work together to keep your pets healthy and happy.

Good veterinary care starts with the very young and continues with the very old. All youngsters should be examined by Dr. Erlichman or Dr. Shea soon after their arrival in your home. And since regular check-ups of your pets are vital to keeping your pet healthy, all adult pets should be examined yearly. Older pets deserve even more attention and benefit from exams twice each year.

In addition to exams, proper vaccinations help keep your pet from becoming ill with a contagious disease. So does heartworm preventive for dogs and regular parasite control for both dogs and cats. And routine dental care will bring a smile to pets and you, as a clean mouth often means a healthy pet.

We know you love your pets and that they love you. Show you love them by giving them plenty of attention, lots of exercise, and regular veterinary care. Make sure they have routine health examinations and needed care. We are here to offer help and our support.